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Découvrez comment notre générateur de site carrière répond à vos besoins en matière d’intégration, personnalisation, sécurité des données, automatisation, analyse, convivialité, évolutivité, optimisation mobile, SEO, coûts, formation, contrôle d’accès, feedback et mise en œuvre.

Integration and compatibility

How seamlessly does the Beekome Career Site Generator integrate with our existing HRIS and other HR systems?

Beekome integrates quickly with your ATS thanks to APIs. You also have the option of using a CSV file, if you have several ATSs or no ATS at all.

Customization and Branding

To what extent can we customize the look and feel of the career website to align with our brand and visual identity?

Your career site is completely customizable, so you can insert your logos, use your own colors and fonts, and choose your own URL, among other things.

Data Security and Compliance

What security measures does Beekome have in place to safeguard candidate data?

Beekome will never ask your candidates to create an account. The only data stored by Beekome is the e-mail address and telephone number if the candidate has chosen to create a job alert. In this case, the data is stored in France and encrypted.

Automation and Workflow

Can Beekome help optimize our existing recruitment processes?

Beekome enables you to source more candidates as they find the information that matters to them: location, employer brand, CSR, testimonials... Candidates will be redirected to your ATS application form to keep the recruitment process running smoothly.

Analytics and reporting

What types of analytics and reporting capabilities does the platform offer, especially in terms of tracking recruitment metrics and candidate demographics?

You can connect your Google Analytics account to retrieve essential tracking data. If you want to go further, you can interface with your favorite analytics tool.

User Friendly Interface

How user-friendly is the interface for HR professionals managing recruitment processes?

Beekome's admin has been designed in close collaboration with recruitment professionals to ensure that all functions are easy to use. If you use a social network, you know how to use Beekome!

Scalability and Adaptability

How scalable is the Beekome solution, and can it accommodate our organization's growing talent acquisition demands?

Changes to your career site are in your hands, no middleman, no development time, make and publish changes as they happen and evolve your site as your organization evolves. 

Mobile Optimization

Is the career website generated by Beekome optimized for mobile devices?

Of course it is! Our solution doesn't adapt to phones, it's designed for phones.

SEO Optimization

What features or tools does Beekome provide to optimize the career website for search engines?

You can use all the content on your career site to place tags and boost your SEO.

Costs and et licensing

What is the pricing structure for the Beekome Career Site Generator?

You will find all details regarding pricing in the dediscated page on our website <INSERT LINK>

Training and support

What training resources and support options does Beekome offer for our HR and recruitment teams?

As soon as you're ready to implement Beekome, you'll be assigned a consultant and a dedicated CSM who will ensure training, workshops and adoption of the tool by your employees.

User permissions and Access Control

Can the platform provide role-based access control to ensure that only authorized personnel can make certain changes or access specific data?

You can choose between 3 roles for your users, depending on their profiles and the actions they will perform in the back office interface.

Feedback and Continuous Improvements

Does Beekome provide mechanisms for collecting and incorporating feedback from users?

At any time, you can access our feedback platform to submit any requests for improvement (and we encourage you to do so!).

Implementation and Process

What is the typical timeline for implementing the Beekome Career Site Generator from initial setup to full deployment?

Beekome can be set up in 2 weeks, if you have your content on hand. We'll put you in touch with customers who have already done so.