Discover powerful features by Beekome

Designed to simplify your recruitment process. From mobile design and ATS integration to job ad personalization and data analysis, Beekome offers a complete solution for attracting and engaging top talent.

Responsive design & Mobile First

Beekome solution is designed to provide a seamless mobile experience for the 60% of candidates who apply via mobile.

Smooth candidate experience

When applying, your candidates will be automatically redirected to your ATS application form.

Multi-page, multi-brand, multi-country

With complete autonomy, or assisted with your marketing agency, manage the global career site and/or the sites of each brand to share specific content.

Choose your own career site structure

Your website structure, number of pages and menu are completely up to you, and you're free to create and delete pages whenever you like.

URL customization

Customize and modify your career site's URL at any time and at no extra cost.

Multiple search criteria available

Choose the search criteria you wish to make available to your candidates

Multi Languages

More than 1,000 languages available in Beekome for your candidates.


Use the content of your site and your job offers, images, URLs, etc. to improve the natural referencing of your career site.


Add your Google Analytics account or interface with your favorite reporting tool

Your job offers on an interactive and customizable map

Job location is the n°1 criterion for 80% of your candidates, they find their next job with the criteria that really count.

A fully customized map

Create your own map style to fit in with your site (colors of roads, cities, clusters, etc.).

Multiple search criteria available

You get to choose all criterias available to your candidates so they can find a job even faster.

Various integration

Integrate third-party solutions in Beekome to complement the functionality offered natively.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enhance security and efficiently manage access to your sites using SSO, an ideal solution for securing your internal career areas.

Insert code

Push the personalization of your career site by using code for any page or block.

Integrated with Google Jobs

Beekome automatically publishes your job offers on Google Jobs, which further improves SEO.

Unllimited job postings and users

Share as many job offers as you like and republish them whenever you like - there's no limit.

100% Custom

Customize your website in just a few clicks to reflect your employer brand, logos, colors, fonts, URL...

Personalized paths based on candidate profiles

In just 1 click, your candidates can access the jobs that really suit them, thanks to pre-filtered job lists.

Display your recruitment process

Candidates like to know about the process ahead of them, so be transparent with them.

Share your employees' testimonials

Your future candidates like to read your employees' testimonials before applying. Insert them in the dedicated block.

Dedicated internal Portal

Offer a dedicated portal to your internal candidates, where you can also keep them up to date with all your group's HR / recruitment / mobility news.