Data Processing Register

Last updated on: Apr 26, 2024

1. Overview

Beekome is a platform that connects administrators (clients) and candidates (users) who visit clients' career sites. This document provides information about the data processing activities related to personal data within Beekome.

2. Parties Involved

Beekome has two main components: administrators and candidates. The personal data of both administrators and candidates are stored and processed on the platform.

  • Administrators (Clients): These entities manage their career sites through Beekome.
  • Candidates (Users): These individuals visit the clients' career sites and interact with the platform.

3. Data Storage and Processing

Personal data is stored in a MongoDB Atlas database, which Rhaegal manages. Rhaegal has access to personal data stored within the platform. In addition, processes phone numbers, and Brevo processes email addresses.

  • Rhaegal: As the server manager, Rhaegal has access to personal data stored in the MongoDB Atlas database. For support or data-related inquiries, they can be contacted through their support page at or via email at
  • This company processes phone numbers and stores data in the Netherlands (EU).
  • Brevo: This company processes email addresses and has data centers located within the European Union.

4. Subcontractors

Alfa-Safety is a subcontractor of Rhaegal, responsible for managing the server. However, Alfa-Safety does not have access to personal data stored within the database.

5. Job Alerts

Beekome offers a job alert feature, which allows candidates to receive notifications about new job opportunities. These alerts are created by candidates and contain their email addresses or phone numbers. All job alerts are automatically deleted after three months. We are authorized to store candidates' phone numbers or email addresses, as they have to accept our policy before creating their job alerts. Email addresses and phone numbers are encrypted in our database.

6. Data Retention

For administrators, Beekome stores their names and email addresses. Names are used to recognize users within a company, while email addresses are used for logging into Beekome and managing their accounts, such as resetting passwords. We are authorized to store admins' names and email addresses due to the contract signed between Rhaegal and the client.

Data is kept for the contract’s duration.

For candidates, personal data includes their email addresses and phone numbers (when provided for job alerts). Data is kept for 3 months and is encrypted. Logs are kept for 3 months.

Brevo: Logs are kept for 1 month.

7. Data Center Locations

Data centers for the various service providers involved in Beekome's data processing activities are as follows:

8. Data Access and Modification

Candidates and administrators can contact Rhaegal to access, modify, contest, or delete their personal data. Rhaegal will process these requests within a maximum of one month. To submit a request, contact Rhaegal through their support page at or via email at

This Data Processing Register for Beekome has been prepared following the recommendations provided by legal counsel while maintaining a clear and concise style of writing.